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This blog is no longer updated, but the Grant Resource Center is still very much open and alive.  For the latest and greatest regarding the Grant Resource Center at the Franklin Public Library (as well as all other library activities), please visit the Franklin Public Library’s webpage at


Foundation Directory Online Basics

You’ll see in the sidebar there, on the right under “Upcoming Classes,” that we have a Foundation Directory Basics class coming up in May.

When we first started doing these classes last year, they were routinely full.  In fact, so many people came to these classes that I scheduled three classes per month, every other month.  Now, however, I hardly have anyone sign up for them, and that’s a shame!

Learning how to use the Foundation Directory Online should be one of the first things you do when you begin to explore the world of grants.  If you do not have anyone to write to, what’s the sense in writing?  Learning how to effectively search the Foundation Directory Online is key to finding those potential funders to read your well crafted proposals.

The class, Foundation Directory Online Basics, is a free, one hour introduction to the Foundation Directory Online.  Participants learn how to use the database’s various search screens and search fields to craft a focused search for funders.  Why don’t you join us next month?

Schedule Update – Jan. 16 Class Canceled

Canceled:  Friday, January 16, 2009  | 9:30 – 10:30  |  Foundation Directory Online Basics

Due to an underwhelming response to this Friday’s Foundation Directory Online Basics class (not one soul signed up!), I am canceling it.  If you had planned to come but hadn’t got around to registering yet, give me a call and we can do a one on one trianing on how to use the Foundation Directory Online database.

Foundation Center Scholarships

The Foundation Center is promoting a scholarship program for some of their full-day training programs.  While this may be great news for our nonprofit friends in more urban areas, a quick look at the application/class list shows that none of the classes are being offered in cities near us (Pittsburgh or Cleveland).  However, I thought I should still give you a heads up.  If you’re interested, here is the press release announcing the scholarship program and requirements.

Annual Fund Drive Needs You!

The Franklin Public Library is facing a shortfall in income for 2008 of nearly $23,000.

Please help us meet our expenses for the rest of 2008 and into 2009.

Make a donation now, in any amount, to the Annual Fund Drive.  No gift is too small.  All donations are deeply appreciated.

To donate, please stop by the library or mail a check to 421 Twelfth Street, Franklin PA 16323.

Thank You!

Wal-Mart Gives Away $1 Million a Day

Go read this right now:  How to Get Money from Wal-Mart Foundation over at Katya’s blog:

“Margaret McKenna of the Wal-Mart Foundation is presenting at Independent Sector right now, and boy is she a pistol.  She’s refreshingly irreverent.  I’m blogging her remarks live.”

Katya mentions that Wal-Mart does well during recessions, so perhaps you should keep them on your potential funders radar?

Link Love

Some good stuff from around the web …


Planning a fundraising event?  Follow in the footsteps of Chicago’s After School Matters charity and consider holding it in a unique venue.  Their choice of location definitely affected their attendance rate.


Jeff Brooks points us to an incredibly powerful and incredibly risky campaign in Belgium focused on raising funds for clean drinking water.  You must watch the video.  I’d love to hear your reaction!  Let me know what you think about it in the comments.


What challenges do you face as a nonprofit in a small town?  (If you are in northwest Pennsylvania, I can almost guarantee you’re in a small town!)  Read FLIP’s two part series on Fundraising in a Small Town, and you might gain a new perspective on things.  Part one focuses on some of the benefits of being in a small town:

  • The media is accessible.
  • So are the politicians.
  • People sincerely care.
  • Business trends move in slower motion.
  • Your reach doesn’t stop at the county line anymore.

And part two focuses on some of the obstacles and how you might overcome them:

  • Reputations last.
  • Smaller population, smaller local donor pool.
  • Events must be geared accordingly.
  • This town isn’t big enough for the two of us.

Are there any obstacles you encounter that weren’t addressed in these two articles?