Quaker Go Grants

The Quaker Oats Company has announced their refreshingly simple grant program, Quaker Go Grants, designed to help those working to combat hunger at the community level.  I can think of at least five local nonprofits who should apply for this grant.  And with such a simple application process, there’s no excuse not to apply! From the site, here is the bare bones, three point application process:

– Submit online application form with a 150 word or less description of your project that will help combat hunger in your community.

– A selection committee will review the applications submitted each month and award Quaker Go Grants based on originality/uniqueness (50%); relevance to fighting hunger (30%); and potential impact on community/individuals involved (20%).

– Winners will receive a $500 grant to make your project a reality. Winners must agree to show us what you did with the grant. You can submit a description, photo and/or video letting us know how you put the money to good use.

There will be a total of 100 winners, with twenty chosen each month from April through August 2009.  Go forth and apply!


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