A Resolution

Today I made a resolution to post here twice a week from now until the end of time.  Okay, maybe “until the end of time” is a slight exaggeration, but I thought it would really show my level of commitment.

My goal is to post every Monday and Thursday.  (And yes, I know today is Wednesday, but for me it is Monday since I’ve been on vacation since last Friday.)  This will be terribly difficult because I’m a perfectionist.  Sometimes it takes me four hours just to write a single post because I need to make sure everything is perfect before I can hit that “Publish” button.  But now, with my new twice a week posting schedule, I’ll have to force some of that perfectionism to the side.  Ohhh, it will be tough!  Please be kind if I let some sloppiness slip through.

What sorts of things do you need more information on?  What burning questions do you have for someone who reads grant writing manuals for fun?  This is a blog, a true Web 2.0 technology, and it’s all about community, collaboration, and sharing.  Share your problems or questions with me in the comments, and I’ll do my best to share some solutions.

Let’s interact!


2 responses to “A Resolution

  1. Who can get grants?

    What can one use grants to do?

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