Project Streamline

There’s no way around it: the grantseeking process is time consuming.  Not only do you need time to research funders and find a good match; you also need time to write compelling proposals geared toward each particular funder’s interests and guidelines. 

Sometimes people ask for the “grant application.”  I wish it were that easy.

Enter Project Streamline … 

“… a collaborative effort of organizations from both sides of the grantmaker/grantseeker divide who are studying grant application and reporting practices, their impact on grantseekers and grantmakers, and the implications for the field.”

Project Streamline recommends grantmakers adopt four core principles in order to reduce the grant application and reporting burden for nonprofits. 

  1. Begin from zero.
  2. Right-size grant expectations.
  3. Relieve the burden on grantees.
  4. Make communications and grantmaking processes clear and straightforward.

Download their Drowning in Paperwork, Distracted From Purpose PDF report and learn more about these core principles.  Then check out the comments section of their site and read others’ reactions to the report. 


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