The Catalog of Nonprofit Literature

The Foundation Center’s Catalog of Nonprofit Literature is a searchable, online bibliography that contains approximately 27,000 citations to philanthropy and nonprofit related literature.  As noted in the Contents and Scope page, the Catalog has evolved from an annually printed book to an on-line database: 

“In 1997, in lieu of printing a ninth volume, the Center released the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature, a comprehensive searchable database that includes all the citations that would have appeared in print in the ninth volume and also cumulates the citations from the eight preceding volumes. This was the first database the Foundation Center put on the Internet, and the first time this valuable research tool was available in a searchable, user-friendly format to those seeking information on the literature of philanthropy.

…. During 2001, in a collaboration with the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature has been further enhanced by an initiative to add links to the full-texts of selected journal articles. At this time, Grassroots Fundraising Journal, NonProfit Times, Nonprofit Quarterly, Contributions, and Stanford Social Innovation Review have pioneered in this major step forward. We will be adding new journals to the full-text project on a regular basis.”

If you find an article of interest in the Catalog but there is not yet a link to the article’s full-text, you have two options.  First, check the Periodicals page and click through to the publication’s website and see if the full text of the article is available there.  If not, you will have to actually visit one of the Foundation Center’s five main libraries and read the article there.  Not a convenient option, I know, since the five libraries are in NYC, Washington DC, San Francisco, Cleveland, and Atlanta, but it’s an option nonetheless.

The Periodicals page is a valuable resource in and of itself, containing links to 84 websites of nonprofit and philanthropy related periodicals.


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